Are you ready for change?

  Power of the Five Elements provides you:
  • A roadmap to understand why each person reacts to stress in the way they do and a comprehensive new approach to improve the ability to adapt

  • The Five Adaptation Types, a unique and original concept based on the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine, provides this roadmap drawn from the ancient wisdom found in Taoist Chinese Medicine

  • A unique synthesis, presented for the first time, of the brilliant insights of 2000 years ago and current mind-body research

  • The Adaptation Types, derived from 30 years of treating thousands of patients, which gives the reader an individualized approach to improve adaptation, reduce stress and enhance healthy aging

  • Case histories and questionnaires to identify the Adaptation Type and specific recommendations for each Type to create a means of reducing their stress load and improve health

  • A clear understanding for the importance of reducing abnormal cortisol, the main stress hormone associated with heart disease, diabetes, cancer

  • A unique use of acupressure points to enhance adaptation, as well as meditations and other exercises

If you are ready to reduce your stress response and increase energy levels, improve your mood and reduce your risk for serious illness, get started today and learn about your Adaptation Type through Power of the Five Elements