Praise for Power of the Five Elements

"Dr. Charles Moss, a masterful physician and acupuncturist, penetrates the mysteries of classical Chinese medical thinking to give us a truly useful guide to meeting life’s challenges. He demystifies this deeply thoughtful approach to health while honoring its physical, emotional, and spiritual insights. Dr. Moss makes ancient wisdom immediately applicable to dealing with modern stress, giving us clear, specific instruction for using our adaptive strengths to live a healthy, more conscious life."

    Martin L. Rossman, MD
    Dipl. Ac. (NCCAOM), author Guided Imagery for Self-Healing

"This book is a must-read for everyone who wants the answer to two questions: What makes a person vulnerable to illness and premature aging? What brings a person vibrant health? I loved it and highly recommend it."

    Bill Bachrach, CSP, CPAE
    Author of Values-Based Financial Planning

"Dr. Charles Moss catapults the discipline of Five Element acupuncture into the contemporary framework of an individual’s response to life’s stressors. His Five Adaptation Types each embody the qualities of an element, and he lucidly animates them with snapshot stories from his clinical practice. This is the inevitable next step of integrating the classical Five Element model into modern medicine’s understanding of mind-body dynamics."

    Joseph M. Helms, MD
    President of Helms Medical Institute and founding president of the American Academy of Medical

"There have been many books written about acupuncture, and surely there are many more to come. Thus, what is most important in each addition to this body of literature is the new information, new insights, and new strategies that contribute to both those who practice some form of Eastern medicine and to those who hope to benefit from that practice.
Dr. Charles Moss has compiled a book, based on more than thirty years of clinical experience, that addresses both of these groups. Dr. Moss's medical background gives him a unique viewpoint, which provides one of the major contributions of Power of the Five Elements.
The book is filled with numerous references to clinical studies, as well as selected vignettes from Dr. Moss's own practice. Dr. Moss suggests multiple ways individuals can improve their health if they are willing to invest their time and energy."

From the Forward by Peter Eckman, MD, PhD, MAc(UK)
Author of In the Footsteps of the Yellow Emperor